The use of propellers approved and tested by SKYENGINES SRL ensures perfect engine operation. The use of approved propellers, recommended and tested by us ensures:

  • Optimal engine performance in terms of reliability and consumption
  • Low noise with respect for the diameter of the propeller

The use of non-certified or not recommended propellers, could void the warranty on engine parts. Recommended propellers are listed in the Accessories section->Site propellers.

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The main parts of the SKY 110S are machined from solid, through the use of sophisticated numerical control machines C.N.C.. The use of particularly resistant light alloys (of aeronautical origins) reduce the overall weight of the engine, significantly improving the weight / power ratio

  • Liquid-cooled single cylinder
  • Displacement 110 cc
  • Output power 26 HP @11200 rpm
  • Bore 53 mm
  • Corsa 50 mm
  • Mechanical reducer 1:4
  • Maximum recommended speed 11300 rpm
  • Thrust 68/70 Kg with double wooden shovel of 125 cm @11200 rpm
  • Thrust 70/73 Kg with three blades of 125 cm @10900 rpm
  • Thrust 73/80 Kg with double blade of 140 cm @10900 rpm
  • Walbro WG8 carburettor
  • Total weight with liquids 13,5 Kg
  • eg temp. 660° C
  • Cht temp. 170° C
  • Max temp. liquid 95 ° C