The use of propellers approved and tested by SKYENGINES SRL ensures perfect engine operation. The use of approved propellers, recommended and tested by us ensures:

  • Optimal engine performance in terms of reliability and consumption
  • Low noise with respect for the diameter of the propeller

The use of non-certified or not recommended propellers, could void the warranty on engine parts. Recommended propellers are listed in the Accessories section->Site propellers.


  • Removable carbon cage in 4 set off
  • Diameter 130 cm “out of the cage”
  • ARMS HIGH MODEL in alloy 7075 T6 anodized
  • Color: Carbon / rosso, carbon / blu, carbon / orange of your choice
  • New Engine 2 liquid-cooled SKY 110S times
  • Power 26 CV a 11200 turns / min
  • Displacement 110 cc Nikasil alloy cylinders
  • WG8 Walbro carburetor with silent air filter
  • mechanical reduction in oil bath
  • propeller diameter 125 cm
  • Manual start
  • Tank 12 liter
  • 27.5kg weight, complete with harness
  • Recommended Weight 80-140Kg Single-seater
  • thrust 74 Kg a 11200 RPM with the carbon propeller 3 pala
  • Average consumption: 4-4,5 l / Now

This model is identical to carbon 100, only the engine changes.
This frame is equipped with the new SKY 110S engine for heavy riders, who use small, high-performance reflex-type sails.

  • Arms lowered, furnishings, overhead doors, allow you to do sports flights.