The use of propellers approved and tested by SKYENGINES SRL ensures perfect engine operation. The use of approved propellers, recommended and tested by us ensures:

  • Optimal engine performance in terms of reliability and consumption
  • Low noise with respect for the diameter of the propeller

The use of non-certified or not recommended propellers, could void the warranty on engine parts. Recommended propellers are listed in the Accessories section->Site propellers.

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After months of testing we are pleased to announce the release of the BOXER 220 competition engine. The new 220S Boxer on the same line as the Sky Engines engine range, maintains the style of the Sky 110S but with the difference of being a bi-cylindrical. The engine has the same design of the manufacturer and in the wake of water cooling and Made in Italy, Sky Engines has concentrated on creating a twin-cylinder engine with exceptional performance. The parts are always machined from solid through the use of CNC numerical control machines and through the use of light alloys that reduce the overall weight of the 220S, improving the weight / power ratio. In fact, the engine weighs a total of 20Kg ready to fly, including radiator and fluids. With the option of the titanium muffler, the weight decreases to 18Kg.

  • Bi-Cylindrical with liquid cooling
  • 220cc displacement
  • 36 cavalli @11600
  • Maximum Recommended Peak Speed ​​11300rpm